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MLB Picks Sports News - NFL Picks Sports New & College Football Picks Sports News For May 7

MLB Picks Sports News - NFL Picks Sports New & College Football Picks Sports News For May 7.

MLB Picks sports News:

MLB Picks News.

By Charlie Red McDougall

For the 3rd time in a couple of day's a MLB Picks Fan has been arrested for running on to the field of play, this time it happened at U.S. Cellular field in Chicago during the Toronto Blue Jays 2-0 win over the Chicago White Sox. Earlier in the week there were 2 separate incidents at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, on when a fan ran on to the baseball field and was Tasered by officials, the next night there was no Taser used. This sports handicapper thinks alcohol is involved in a lot of these sports picks incidents and MLB teams have to come up with stricter policies on alcohol, I know that serving alcoholic beverages is a huge money making item for MLB organizations but you have to draw the line somewhere. Thursday's incident was particularly disturbing because in 2002 a Whit Sox fan charged the baseball field at U.S. Cellular field and physically beat Kansas City Royals 1st base coach Tom Gamboa an incident that left every MLB organization, players and coaches disgusted. Whatever happened to the phrase "take me out to the ballpark"? This phrase no longer means have a good time
to a lot of MLB Picks fans.

College Football Picks Sports News:

NCAA Football Picks.

By Charlie Red McDougall

we all know about the recent controversy with the BCS and whether we should have a college football picks playoff similar to the land escape in college Basketball. Well there is a new college football debate and that is whether the University of Texas should bolt for the Southeastern Conference. Now that would be big news and would destroy the landscape of the Big 12 college football picks conference, does big bad Texas have the authority to make that kind of a move and leave lesser college football schools such as Baylor, Texas Tech and Texas A & M for the luster of the SEC, after all Texas is by far the main draw of the Big 12 and owns the college football scene in that state. What about Schools like Kansas, Kansas State, Colorado and Iowa State, what would they do? This sports handicapper can remember when there was the southwestern college football conference and the only team outside of the state of Texas in that conference was the University of Arkansas, now a member of the SEC. Will there be a total realignment in college football and will the NCAA agree with any kind of movement from the super Conferences? Stay tuned this could get interesting, but don't forget the NCAA will do what's best for revenue and that is the bottom line.

NFL Picks Sports News:

NFL Picks.

By Charlie Red McDougall

on the same day one of the classiest and most underrated NFL Players retired from the game another of the most trouble some NFL Picks players was signed after missing the entire 2009-10 season, and they both play the same position. Samari Rolle has decided to hang up his cleats after playing 12 years in the NFL. Rolle was originally drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the 2nd round of the 1998 NFL Draft after 4 years at Florida State, this sports handicapper will never forget Rolle's disappointment after being snubbed in the 1st round, many NFL teams had his former high school teammate Dwayne Starks rated ahead of him and Starks from the University of Miami was a top 15 NFL Draft Picks the same year. Rolle had the better NFL career but missed the entire 2009 NFL Picks season. Pac Man Jones is back in the NFL after missing the entire 2009 football season, the troublesome cornerback was signed to a 2 year NFL Picks contract by the Cincinnati Bengals at the request of former Dallas Cowboy Tank Johnson, who played with Jones at Dallas in 2008. Cincinnati seems to be the destination of troubled NFL players who are seeking to resurrect their careers. Good luck Bengals and Pac Man Jones.

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